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Who Dey Think Gon Beat Those Bengals?

In this week’s episode of Psychologize U we invite Dr. Troy Moles, Director of Counseling and Sports Psychology at Indiana University, and Louis Ferguson onto the podcast to talk about the Cincinnati Bengals historic return to the Superbowl after 33 years. We discuss how a sports achievement can be so significant to fans, as well…

Why Make New Years Resolutions?

Smith on the podcast to discuss the challenges of being a black woman in In this week’s episode of Psychologize U we invite psychologist Tracey King on the podcast to discuss how we should make S.M.A.R.T. New Years Resolutions. It is hard to know whether to make resolutions in 2022, but it can be valuable…


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Psychologize U is a weekly, hour-long podcast about mental health. Dr. Ritch Hall and Frank Baker are practicing therapists with a passion for helping people deal with mental health issues. 


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